BM published an article introducing high liquidity price linked token algorithm

According to IMEOS news, on April 28th, BM published a new article in Medium to introduce its new token-hooking algorithm. The algorithm is dominated by the lack of liquidity in BitUSD and the use of over-collateralized positions and margin requirements for use in many other projects. The paper introduces that the algorithm provides high liquidity and narrows the spread while maintaining robustness in the event that the collateral loses value over time. Our algorithmic basis is a combination of a severe over-collateralized short position with the Bancor algorithm to provide liquidity for long and short positions. Feed prices are used to guide the market, but its impact is limited to long-term deviations to protect market makers from abuse. The concept of the hooking algorithm is based on the fact that hooked tokens are short-selling services to the bulls. In addition, the article also introduces a new token MMS created in the market maker contract, as well as trading MMS tokens, market transaction fees, black swan events and so on. Original: