Weizhong Fan Ruibin: The development of blockchain applications is like sprouting new ground

On January 15th, at the "Break the World. Fusion" Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit Forum, Fan Ruibin, the head of Weizhong Bank's blockchain pointed out that at present, in the application field, the alliance chain has not yet developed to prosperity. Stage, but you do n’t need to be discouraged. Looking back at 2015-2016, there were almost no alliance chain applications, and then from 2016-2017, gradually began to have applications such as certificate, copyright, and supply chain finance, and then After nearly two years, there have been more application cases such as government affairs, the Internet of Things, and smart cities. The development of blockchain applications is like the emergence of new buds in the frozen ground. This allows us to understand the future development of blockchain and The application landing is more confident.