Central Bank Blockchain Finance Expert Yang Fan: The equilibrium pattern of the three central banks in China, the European Union and the United States has basically formed

In the morning of January 15th, the "Break the World · Fusion" Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit Forum hosted by eBay Finance, a blockchain, and "Financial Finance" magazine was held in Beijing. Yang Fan, a member of the central bank's blockchain financial expert group and co-chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Security Research Institute, said that during the current financial crisis depression, people expect new breakthroughs in financial currencies and more strongly expect digital currencies to stabilize. China, the European Union and the United States have basically formed an equilibrium pattern, and their views and attitudes towards the future digital economy and digital finance are the same. The EU mainly focuses on the B-side (enterprise), and China focuses on the C-side, that is, ordinary people. Some elements of the European Central Bank's EUROchain and the People's Bank of China's DCEP are close. The Fed and Libra are closer.