BSV hashrate rose 173% on the 7th, hashrate soared before currency price rose

According to the Planet Daily report, BSV began to rise in a straight line since the afternoon of January 10, and then it went up and down and took off again on the 14th and 15th, with a cumulative increase of 277%. At the same time, the computing power of BSV has also risen sharply. ViaBTC data shows that its 7th increase has reached a staggering 173%. The sudden influx of computing power may come from BTC and BCH miners. Forked from BTC's BCH and BSV, the three use the same algorithm. Interestingly, however, miners seem to have entered the BSV with an early warning before the price of the currency took off. Watching the BSV computing power map, we can see that the miners started to influx since January 8th, but the currency price began to skyrocket on the 10th.