Proposal to the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Public Party: Accelerate the development of the blockchain industry

According to the Fujian Daily, the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Zhigong Party found in the survey that Fujian ’s blockchain industry is ranked seventh in the country, its industry ecology is relatively diversified, and its associations, alliances and other industry organizations are active and have a good foundation. However, the blockchain industry supervision system is not yet complete, and the industry aggregation situation has not yet formed, and there is a relative lack of blockchain technology professionals. The Proposal to the Provincial Committee of Fujian Provincial Committee suggested that the policy and funding support for blockchain-related enterprises or institutions be strengthened, the scientific research strength of universities in the province be promoted to promote the basic research of blockchain technology, and coordinate the strengthening of relevant systems. Collaboration; cultivate a good blockchain industry ecology, demand-oriented, project-based, and demonstration-led, learn from domestic and foreign successful cases, and accelerate the advancement of blockchain technology in the supply chain, finance, Pioneering trials in government and other fields; establishing a sound data supervision and review system, gathering government, industry, research, and research forces, focusing on data application security technologies, establishing a blockchain industry statistical monitoring and feedback system, timely grasping the development of the industry, and strengthening market supervision; Blockchain talents are included in the development focus of the Talent New Deal, the corresponding policies are speeded up, two-way efforts are made in talent introduction and self-cultivation, and active efforts are made to cultivate and build high-quality blockchain professionals.