Israel Securities Authority may accept blockchain technology and propose to promote digital securities trading platform

According to Finance Magnates, the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) appears to be ready to accept blockchain technology after it has proposed to promote a digital securities trading platform in Israel. It is reported that these recommendations were made in a draft ISA report scheduled for release next week. The report was prepared after the ISA-appointed committee promoted the development and institutionalization of the Israeli digital market. The commission is optimistic about the application of this decade-old technology and believes that it "has potential for development in Israeli capital markets." Orly Koren, deputy director of the ISA's regulatory department and chairman of the committee, said: "The committee focuses its work on digital platforms that use distributed ledger technology (DLT) for issuance, trading, and securities clearing." As the report is released, ISA will also call on Companies in the industry establish digital securities trading platforms.