Vice President of Tencent Financial Technology: The landing of blockchain electronic certificates faces challenges such as ensuring the validity and correctness of the information on the chain

On January 14, Tencent's fintech media "Chief Plan" was held at Beijing's Tencent headquarters. At this meeting, what kind of challenges are facing the landing of blockchain electronic certificates? Zheng Haojian, the vice president of Tencent Financial Technology and the person in charge of corporate financial business, said that the first is the legality of the licenses themselves; the second is what the licenses need to do on the chain, and there are problems with the standardization of application scenarios; the third is the business model. problem. He also said that in addition to these three, the most important point is how to ensure the validity and correctness of the information on the electronic certificate, which is something that many blockchain companies ignore. Zheng Haojian also said that Tencent also called here for all institutions interested in blockchain to explore together. There are many challenges here, including the challenge of the accuracy of asset on-chain. The blockchain should not just belong to a certain enterprise. It is a technology for the entire industry in the future. We have a responsibility to make it better.