Overview of Catalan blockchain strategy: still in its early stages, involving multiple fields such as traceability, authentication, digital identity

In a recent interview, Daniel Marco, Director of Innovation and Digital Economy of the Catalan Government of the Spanish Autonomous Region, introduced the region's blockchain strategy SmartCat. He said that we are learning how to apply blockchain and are testing the technology and governance of this technology. Currently using blockchain technology to trace agricultural products, as well as certification diplomas. In addition, digital identity is also a key item of our blockchain strategy. We are working to develop an open source system and make it available to the community. We will then be part of governance. At the same time, we will ensure that all governance is completely legal and provide confidence, as governments also need to define and form processes and legal frameworks. Marco also added that the blockchain strategy is part of the national digital strategy, including two aspects. One is to identify technologies that can change our society. We have identified 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence as the main pillars. This means we are working hard to adopt and accelerate the adoption of these strategies, with a positive impact on our citizens. But at the same time, it is imperative to build an ecosystem to build a new economy. Attracting investment from large companies is also important. It's really early, and we have 76 companies using blockchain technology in their core businesses. We are in the process of developing a proof of concept, and in this respect we are closer to research centers and small companies.