Zall Zhilian released its 2018 annual report and will continue to explore the application of blockchain

According to the Securities Times, on April 26, Zall Zhilian released its 2018 annual report. According to the annual report, Zall Zhilian is actively constructing a new intelligent trading platform based on the application of blockchain technology, supported by Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, digital currency and big data. It is reported that in January 2019, China Agricultural Network has officially launched the first “bulk agricultural product circulation blockchain” in China. On March 30, 2019, the "Zhuo Chain Alliance" developed by Zhuoer Zhilian's Zall Buy E-Commerce (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. became the first product in China to be filed through blockchain information services. In the annual report, the future Zall Zhilian will continue to increase technology research and development, explore the application scenarios of blockchain and big data, artificial intelligence, enterprise application integration, help the ecosystem supply chain upgrade, create big data support, network sharing The smart supply chain system of intelligent collaboration leads the industrial Internet to develop with the leading technology to enable SMEs.