Who can represent real bitcoin? Twitter account @Bitcoin controversy

Since the bitcoin fork, the debate about "who is the real bitcoin" has never stopped. Part of the argument is to prove that he is "a match for Nakamoto's will" and the other part is to hold the thigh of Bitcoin.

Recently, Twitter’s more than 900,000 accounts @Bitcoin have been reported by a large number of cryptocurrence extremists on the grounds that this account, despite the name “Bitcoin”, has been releasing BCH and “black” bitcoins. content.

This behavior has angered many supporters of Bitcoin True Love Powder and Lightning Network. They feel that they are being "spoofed" and hope that the official website can be blocked or reassigned to the Bitcoin core developer. In this "sealing event", Twitter bloggers are still updating normally and accuses Twitter of restricting traffic.

There is no doubt that Twitter has become a new battlefield in the fanatics of BTC and BCH.

The “Bitcoin” account was registered in August 2011 and is one of the most popular Twitter accounts. In the beginning, this blogger was a supporter of Bitcoin, but because of the dissatisfaction with the bitcoin core development team's refusal to expand, after the bitcoin forked, it turned to support the BCH camp, after which the account has been in a state of suspension.

It wasn't until January 2018 that the account was revived, but this time, his style of writing changed dramatically: he began to publish a series of messages that supported Bitcoin cash, and from time to time sent some "smearing" bitcoin .

In the top tweet, the promoter changed Nakamoto's white paper name to "What is Bitcoin Cash: A Peer-to-Peer E-Cash System" , which has more than 200,000 page views .

Bitcoin's true love powders are certainly not happy. They believe that this kind of behavior is not "intentional" to make people mistakenly think that bitcoin cash is bitcoin, which is simply deceiving users. Some people attacked the bloggers and some extreme people began reporting the account.

On April 8, 2018, the account was officially suspended, as some people wished, including spam and impersonation. Twitter’s move sparked heated discussions in the community. Some people think that Twitter has begun to strengthen the regulation of digital currency. Some people think it is reported maliciously.

Two days later, the account was unblocked. Some people suspected that Twitter CEO Jack was going to support Bitcoin to make a title, and was ready to transfer the account to others. However, the public reaction was too intense to be returned.

After a year, the account processing of @Bitcoin Twitter was once again controversial. Analyst Zack also posted a screenshot of his private message with Twitter CEO Jack. In response to the handling of the account, Jack replied: "What do you suggest me to do?"

After analyst Zack issued the tweet, many BCH supporters changed the Twitter avatar to @Bitcoin's avatar and launched a "#WeAreAllBitcoin" tag campaign to protest.

Not only is there a dispute over this account, but the name change on the Bitcoin.com website also sparked strong opposition from Bitcoin supporters.

The "Bitcoin.com" website is one of the most valuable domain names in the Bitcoin world. Anyone interested in the first cryptocurrency and the most valuable cryptocurrency may enter this URL in the browser and treat it as the first choice for Google search.

However, when the user enters the "Buy Bitcoin" page, the bottom of the screen is the "How to Buy Bitcoin Cash" guide. And here, Bitcoin is called "Bitcoin Core" . For those who don't know, Bitcoin Core may be mistaken for bitcoin, which leads to wrong purchase behavior.

Liu Chang, the early promoter of BCH, expressed his views on Weibo and renamed the BCH community and its supporters who have long been smeared and misunderstood.

"Chang Yong teacher" pointed out that some important domain names and accounts are now in the hands of the BCH community, and the owners of these accounts used to support Bitcoin, but the community was divided because of the inability to reach consensus. Although the early members left, but still use these accounts and domain names, it has caused the symptoms of " the text does not match" .

In fact, Bitcoin has been forked 47 times since the first community split. Every supporter of the fork currency claims that it is the “real” bitcoin. Investors are already eccentric about this sentence. .

In November 2018, BCH forked, and the BSV generated by the new split more fiercely declared that "BSV is the real bitcoin." Since then, the domestic BCH community has instead emphasized who is the real bitcoin, but more concerned about its own development.

In fact, in this controversy, many supporters of the BCH community believe that BCH can compete with Bitcoin by its own advantages rather than trying to steal the name Bitcoin.

For the owner of Twitter, the Twitter account is privately owned. What he wants to say and who he wants to stand on is his right. As long as it is not a violation of Twitter's rules, others have no right to change the right to use the account.

If this Twitter blogger has issued a "black BTC" message for a long time, it will not be changed for Bitcoin support. For the new amaranth, it will only be strange. It is called @Bitcoin, but it is doing The act of discrediting BTC. One of the rules of Twitter is "not allowed to impersonate other people's information." If the blogger deliberately deceives or misleads the masses, it is a matter of time to believe that the account is closed again.

Nakamoto has disappeared. The debate about who is the real bitcoin is meaningless. It is kingly to pay attention to the development of the community itself , but it is still overemphasizing this point, but it is the enthusiasm of the bitcoin. It’s gone.

Written by: Sponge; Editor: Mashaka

Source: Block wave