Monitoring shows that in the past 24 hours, large transactions in many exchanges are normal business operations

According to Beijing Lian'an monitoring, with the recent high fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, a large number of exchanges have occurred in the past 24 hours, but most of them are normal business operations related to withdrawals.

At 12:45 on January 15th, Beijing time, Bittrex re-performed an ultra-large continuous transfer operation initiated by more than 50,000 bitcoins. At the same time, it split off part of the bitcoin into the hot wallet address for subsequent withdrawals. Related transfers continued It took 11 times and generated over 590,000 BTC of on-chain transaction value, which was also the main reason for the surge in on-chain transaction volume yesterday.

Coinbase also split 3,000 BTC into small BTC continuously at 1:13 AM on January 16, Beijing time, and carried out subsequent withdrawal operations.

Bitfinex initiated a huge on-chain transaction of 124946.62 BTC at 7:01 on January 16, Beijing time, but essentially 1,500 bitcoins entered its hot wallet for subsequent withdrawal operations, and the remaining 123,446 BTC entered the transaction. Another new address under control, in fact, at 1:45 am on December 15th, Bitfinex had a similar operation to collect 125,946 BTCs to the new address and deposit coins to the hot wallet. The destination address is the address from which the operation was initiated today.

Data analyst SXWK said that when there is a large change in the price of bitcoin, the number of bitcoins that the exchange usually enters and exits will increase significantly, so the head exchange will conduct a larger amount of bitcoin entry at the same time and users propose bit Most exchanges will not make special announcements for the release of coins, and relevant users can remain calm.