Liu Qian of Agricultural Bank: The financial industry should actively explore the "blockchain finance" innovation model

On January 16, Liu Qian, a research and development center of the Agricultural Bank of China, issued a post stating that today's financial technology is changing with each passing day and is rapidly reshaping the industry ecology, gradually becoming an important driving force for global financial development. Blockchain technology has shown great potential in promoting new technological innovations and industrial changes, and will certainly become a core technology for the future development of the digital economy era. The financial industry should follow the development trend of the times, actively explore the "blockchain + finance" deep integration innovation mode to empower business innovation and development, and give full play to the use of blockchain in solving the financial industry's trust, efficiency, cost control, risk management, and data security. The huge potential of such issues will further promote the digitization of assets and the digital transformation of the industry, restructure the traditional financial operation mode, closely integrate the physical and financial industries, and create a new industry format.