More than 70% of the 58 blockchain companies are happy to report that 13 of them are expected to double their net profit

Source: Securities Daily

Trainee reporter Ren Shibi

On January 14, 8 departments including the Ministry of Commerce issued guidance on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of service outsourcing. By 2035, the average annual output value of China's service outsourcing employees will reach the world's leading level. Support the development of information technology outsourcing. The research and development and application of information technology such as cloud computing, basic software, integrated circuit design, and blockchain will be included in the support scope of national science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.).

In this regard, analysts said that with the extension of the blockchain to government, trade finance, warehousing and logistics and other fields, it is expected that the application of industrial blockchain scenarios will accelerate to land in 2020. At present, the blockchain industry as a whole is still in the early stages of infrastructure construction. Industry leaders, information technology companies, and technology giants that are deploying blockchain technology are expected to enjoy dividends. It is recommended to pay attention to leading companies that have certain technology reserves and can apply the technology to their industries: public cloud giants provide BaaS infrastructure such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Jinshan Cloud, etc .; computer industry companies focus on applications in various industries.

In the secondary market, since January, the blockchain sector has performed well, rising 5.1% overall, and the share price of 218 concept stocks has risen, accounting for nearly 90%. On Saturday, Xinhuanet ’s two stocks had cumulative gains of more than 50% during the period, which were 53.64% and 53.18% respectively. Annie shares (41.12%), Yuxin Technology (38.71%), Haoyun Technology (38.55%), and Gao Weida (37.86%) ), Aideer (37.42%), Jincai Internet (35.26%), Donghua Software (35.17%), Geer Software (34.11%) and People's Network (31.78%) and other stocks have also achieved cumulative gains of more than 30% during the period.

In terms of capital flow, since January, a total of 63 concept stocks have received the attention of mainstream funds on the floor. There were 16 concept stocks with a cumulative large-scale net inflow of more than 100 million yuan during the period, and the cumulative large-scale net inflow of large-scale funds during the dawn of China Science and Technology reached 1.545 billion yuan. People's Net (665 million yuan) and Xinhua Net (553 million yuan) , Annie shares (494 million yuan), Donghua Software (405 million yuan), Midea Group (310 million yuan), Gao Weida (223 million yuan) and Shenzhen Science and Technology (208 million yuan) all received over 200 million yuan during the period Single fund favor, Haoyun Technology, UFIDA, Zhongke Chuangda, Jincai Interconnection, Zhidu Shares, Xinguodu, Hangzhou Bank, Julong and other concept stocks have accumulated net inflows of more than 100 million during the period. RMB, these 16 concept stocks attracted 5.586 billion yuan in total.

In terms of performance, the performance of listed companies in the blockchain sector is generally good. "Securities Daily" reporter found that according to the statistics of the flush flush, as of now, 58 companies have taken the lead in disclosing the 2019 annual report performance forecast, and there are 41 companies that have a performance forecast, accounting for more than 70%. On Saturday, 13 companies including China Information, Hongbo Group, Monternet Group, Yinjiang Group, Zhongxin Tourism, Brilliant Technology, Anjubao, Global Printing, Adir, Lushang Development, Zhongnan Construction, and Wanma Group all expect 2019 Annual full-year performance doubled year-on-year; 14 companies including Tianzhou Culture, Zhongyuan, Axide, Gold Certificated Shares, Royal Bank, Zhuoyi Technology, and Legg Mason Culture are also expected to have full-year results in 2019 Turn losses into profits.

Further statistics found that SuperMap Software (11), Zhongke Chuangda (10), Zhongnan Construction (7), Yihualu (3), Monternet Group (1), Lushang Development (1) ), New Cape (1) and La Cara (1) have received annual institutional recommendations within 30 days.

Regarding the investment logic of the sector's market outlook, Guosheng Securities said that capital and supervision together help the development of the blockchain industry, and the application of the industry is expected to accelerate. It is recommended to pay attention to the following three main blockchain service targets: first, the financial service field, supply chain finance: easy to see shares, Sifang Jingchuang, Hailian Jinhui; financial security, blockchain asset hardware storage: Westone, Ge Software, Feitian integrity. Secondly, in the field of people's livelihood services, electronic invoicing and payment: Donggang shares, Guangdian Express; electronic certification: digital certification; copyright services: Annie shares. Finally, the government affairs scene: high-light software, Huayu software.