A-share market shakes slightly before the holiday

Source: Securities Times

Author: Mao Jun

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the A-share market has opened a holiday mode. The Shanghai and Shenzhen markets continued to shrink slightly on Wednesday. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index fell slightly, while the small and medium-sized board index and the GEM index bottomed out and rose slightly.

The 6-month lock-up period for the first batch of listed companies to place restricted stocks offline will be expired on the science and technology board. Next Wednesday, a total of 124 million restricted stocks will be lifted from listing and the stock market will be under pressure from most stocks. , Hanchuan Smart and other leading decliners.

Kitakami Funds made a net purchase of 1.044 billion yuan on Wednesday. All of the 10 trading days since the New Year were net purchases, with a total net purchase of 46.484 billion yuan.

On the disk, digital currency concept stocks rose sharply, and the volume of the concept index rose 3.75%, the largest increase in nearly three months, less than 3% from the highest point in history. Liaison, Julong shares, Zhidu shares daily limit, Jincai Internet, Xinguodu, Aoma Electric, etc. led the gains.

A few days ago, Cai Zhichuan, president of the Asian Blockchain Association, said at the 2020 Asian Financial Forum that if digital currency is implemented through the central bank, the authority and recognition will definitely be applied by the public.

The official WeChat signal of the central bank released “Inventory of fintechs for the central bank in 2019” last weekend, summing up the four important events of the central bank's implementation of fintech in 2019. In the field of digital currency, under the premise of adhering to the double-layer operation, M0 substitution, and controllable anonymity, the top-level design of digital currency, standard formulation, function research and development, and joint debugging and testing have been basically completed.

China Merchants Securities said that the statutory digital currency DC / EP issued by China's central bank is expected to start trials this year. DC / EP is an electronic RMB issued by the People's Bank of China. It is used to replace cash M0 in circulation in China. Its legal status is equivalent to cash in RMB. It has the characteristics of stable value, convenient payment, unlimited legal compensation, and the function of "dual offline payment". .

The reporter searched on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Exchange for "digital currency". In the past three months, up to 1022 people mentioned digital currency related issues to listed companies. Nearly 20 listed companies including Huijin, Changliang Technology, Zhongying Internet, and Information Development answered the company's progress in digital currency research and layout.

GuangDong YunTong said on the investor interactive platform recently that the company's research institute has launched a DC / EP (central bank digital currency) free exchange R & D project on the ATM, and the company actively pays attention to the relevant policies and technical standards of DC / EP to make relevant preparations. .

Guangdian Express's performance growth also accelerated quarter by quarter. Net profit for the first quarter increased 5.64% year-on-year, 7.25% for the half-year period, and 12.67% for the third quarter. Various institutions also frequently visited listed companies. In December last year alone, the company issued four on-site survey announcements. Among them, there were 104 people representing various institutions on December 23 last year, followed by 88 on the 27th. Visiting survey. This week, a survey announcement was issued again and again, 7 organizations including China Life, Harvest Fund, Huaxia Fund, and China Post Fund came to the company to conduct on-site surveys.

Since bottoming out in February last year, Guangdian Express's stock price has been in a turbulent rising channel, and has recently accelerated its rise, hitting a new high for several years. On the occasion of the adjustment of Guangdian Express on Tuesday, Beishang Capital increased the position by nearly 2 million shares, and since November last year, Beishang Capital has added more than 10 million shares in total. Financing customers also increased their positions for 5 consecutive weeks, with a total net purchase of 173 million yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Beishang Capital's shareholding has increased from 11.5 million to 22.5 million shares, which has nearly doubled the position. Among them, Beishang Capital has increased its position by 5.57 million shares this week. Financing customers have bought more than 190 million in net new financing since the New Year The financing balance was nearly doubled; Kodak shares were purchased by Beijing Capital on a net of 7.06 million shares on Monday, increasing from 6.42 million shares to 13.48 million shares, and the position was doubled on the 1st. Digital currency concept stocks such as Jincai Interconnect and Hailian Jinhui have all recently increased their positions in the north.