Suzhou Daily: Enabling "Charity Guardian Alliance" with Blockchain

On January 16th, Suzhou Daily issued a statement that at the just-concluded two sessions of Suzhou, many people's congress deputies and CPPCC members submitted proposals and proposals to accelerate the development of blockchain applications. The eight people's deputies also jointly proposed that the blockchain technology should be used to quickly resolve the problems in community autonomy. Delegates and members are concerned that Suzhou is the nation ’s first “public interest guardian alliance” that uses public opinion supervision and procuratorial supervision to focus on all kinds of acute social focus and contradictions, and frequently makes efforts to jointly safeguard the public interest. After in-depth research, the representatives believed that the introduction of blockchain applications in the "Charity Guardian Alliance" was a pioneering initiative in Suzhou, and provided a solution to effectively resolve the contradictions and difficulties in the community autonomy. With the concept of the "public interest protection blockchain" virtual platform, it is possible to effectively unite the forces of all parties, open up the "last mile" of social governance, and achieve co-construction, co-governance, and shared community governance including owners, industry committees, and real estate. New pattern.