Director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission: Accelerating breakthroughs in key areas and key technologies around blockchain and other fields

According to the Beijing Daily News, at the recent Beijing Municipal People ’s Congress deputies and CPPCC members consultation activities, Xu Qiang, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said that in 2020 Beijing will fully serve the nation ’s major scientific and technological tasks, integrate advantageous innovation resources, and accelerate the construction of national experiments In-depth cooperation with major national science and technology innovation projects and key research and development plans, and actively strive to build the country's major science and technology infrastructure during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Strengthen key core technology research, accelerate the breakthrough of the bottom layer and key technologies around 5G, optoelectronics, AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, medicine and health, and strive to occupy the commanding heights of science and technology.