58 Blockchain Companies Exceed 70% Annual Report and Expect 13 Net Profits to Double

According to the Securities Daily, the blockchain industry as a whole is still in the early stages of infrastructure construction, and industry leaders, information technology companies, and technology giants that are deploying blockchain technology are expected to enjoy dividends. It is recommended to pay attention to leading companies that have certain technology reserves and can apply the technology to their industries: public cloud giants provide BaaS infrastructure such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Jinshan Cloud, etc .; computer industry companies focus on applications in various industries. In the secondary market, since January, the blockchain sector has performed well, rising 5.1% overall, and the share price of 218 concept stocks has risen, accounting for nearly 90%. On Saturday, Xinhuanet ’s two stocks had cumulative gains of more than 50% during the period, which were 53.64% and 53.18% respectively. Annie shares (41.12%), Yuxin Technology (38.71%), Haoyun Technology (38.55%), and Gao Weida (37.86%) ), Aideer (37.42%), Jincai Internet (35.26%), Donghua Software (35.17%), Geer Software (34.11%) and People's Network (31.78%) and other stocks have also achieved cumulative gains of more than 30% during the period.