Bystack officially passed the functional test of the blockchain system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The Bystack blockchain open platform developed by Biyuanchain has recently officially passed the blockchain functional test of the China Electronics Standardization Institute and obtained a blockchain system function certificate.

The functional test of the blockchain system is a review initiated by the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute and carried out to the entire industry. It aims to further promote the standard application and promote the healthy development of blockchain technology and applications. After testing, the Bystack Blockchain Open Platform v1.0.5 system complies with the functional architecture requirements of T / CESA 6001-2016 in the Blockchain Reference Architecture. The test shows that Bystack has met the national standards and has a high level of technology and use value.

The Bystack Blockchain Open Platform is a service platform based on a multi-sided BaaS platform that helps users quickly create, manage, and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. It has the characteristics of low development cost, fast deployment, high performance, strong scalability, security and reliability, and convenience and ease of use. It can provide developers or enterprises with a one-stop solution for blockchain capabilities.