Chengdu "Chain Technology" has recently received multiple rounds of financing, counting a total of 10 million yuan.

Recently, the blockchain security company Chengdu Chainan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chainan Technology") announced that it has obtained multiple rounds of financing, counting a total of 10 million yuan. Strategic investors, distributed capital, Jieshi Capital, Pangu Chuangfu and other old shareholders all followed suit. This is also the third and fourth round of financing of “Chain Technology” following the investment round of distributed capital seeding in May 2018 and the round of investment in Jieshi Capital and Pangu Chuangfu Angel in November 2018.


Chengdu "Chain Technology" has recently received multiple rounds of financing, counting a total of 10 million yuan, led by Lenovo Venture Capital and Fosun Hi-Tech.

Regarding the financing, the relevant person in charge of Chengdu "Chain Technology" stated that it will be used to continue to deepen the overall ecological security layout of the blockchain, develop a "one-stop" blockchain security service platform, and develop independent and controllable blockchain security. Technological research, enhancement of new user experience and expansion of global markets have helped Chengdu Chainan become an industry benchmark in the global blockchain security field.

Chengdu "Chain Security Technology" is a blockchain security company that applies formal verification technology to the field of blockchain security. Its "one-stop blockchain security service platform" is the world's first "one-click "Smart contract automatic formal verification tool can check code vulnerabilities with one click, and the detection accuracy rate is over 97%.

After a lot of investment and in-depth exploration on blockchain technology, Chengdu "Chain Security Technology" has now laid out a complete blockchain security network system. Launched a "one-stop blockchain security service platform" for the entire industry, which can provide the industry's highest quality blockchain security services.

Mainly includes a one-click smart contract security detection platform (Beosin-VaaS) based on formal verification, a blockchain security situation awareness platform (Beosin-Eagle Eye), a firewall (Beosin-Firewall), anti-money laundering compliance and investigation and evidence collection (Beosin-AML), Threat Intelligence System (Beoin-OSINT), and Smart Contract Development Tools (Beosin-IDE).

At the team level, the entire team of "Chain Security Technology" is about 60 people, of which 85% are R & D personnel. The founder Yang Xia is a postdoc in the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He is the earliest expert in formal verification of blockchain in China. He has been engaged in formal verification, kernel security, and mobile device security technologies for 18 years. Research methods and theoretical research, published more than 20 academic papers; partner Gao Ziyang is a bachelor of Madrid Compton and a master of Guangxi University, participated in the investment incubation management of multiple projects, a member of United labs investment alliance.