Financial OneAccount Blockchain Key Security and Password Algorithm Passes Password Security Test of State Secret Bureau

Recently, Cathaya's software cryptographic module, a blockchain product of Financial OneAccount, has passed the testing of the State Administration of Password Management Shanghai Testing Center and published a test report. The evaluation evaluates the correctness, performance, and security of the algorithm. The Cathaya software cryptographic module has obtained excellent results of nine security levels including cryptographic module specifications, operating environment, and physical security.

The "Working Plan for the Application and Innovation of Cryptography in Financial and Important Fields (2018-2022)" issued by the General Office of the State Council clearly states that passwords are the core technology and basic support for ensuring network security, and they are maintaining national security and promoting economic and social development 2. It plays an irreplaceable role in protecting the interests of the people. The password system is the foundation of the network security environment, and password evaluation is an important and important consideration for the construction of a password system. Password application and password evaluation are both important parts of the construction of a network security environment, and have great significance. Cathaya, as a data encryption and privacy protection module in FiMAX's blockchain solution FiMAX, has passed the testing of the Shanghai Testing Center of the National Cryptographic Administration, which means that it can continuously empower secure and reliable blockchain technology for the majority of financial customers. . It is worth mentioning that the algorithm of this evaluation covers the national secrets SM2, SM3, SM4, and SM9. The test performance is greatly improved compared to all known national secret algorithms.

Specifically, Cathaya is a cryptographic solution developed by Financial OneAccount.It can effectively resolve the contradiction between information sharing on the chain, data privacy, and data ownership, so that FiMAX can achieve data sharing on the chain while satisfying The business scenario's requirements for privacy protection dispel concerns that companies have when using blockchain technology and clear a major obstacle for large-scale application of blockchain. The issue of data privacy has become one of the biggest obstacles to the empowerment of the blockchain industry, especially in the financial industry. The relevant person in charge of the Financial OneAccount Blockchain has pointed out that

"Data privacy is particularly critical in the financial industry, but the role of the blockchain itself is to connect all users and combine the data of these users to generate a new value, which is contrary to our pursuit of data privacy. Yes, so the first problem we solve in developing the entire blockchain business is the data privacy issue of the blockchain. "

In response to the problem of data privacy, Financial OneAccount created a fully encrypted blockchain framework based on Cathaya, which uses field-level authoritative encryption and decryption to guarantee the absolute control of data information by the enterprises on the chain; and the application of 3D zero knowledge proofs Four arithmetic operations (+-* /) and size relationship verification between encrypted data can be realized, and the verification time is less than 3 milliseconds, so that the data can be secure under complex business conditions. In addition, One Account Chain FiMAX also created intelligent blocks and optimized the underlying architecture to ensure high throughput during high-frequency transactions and low latency during low-frequency transactions, effectively achieving a balance between throughput and latency. It is worth mentioning that FiMAX's positioning itself is the network rather than the platform, which avoids the dispute of system dominance from the beginning.

Not long ago, China Guangdong Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Financing Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Small and Medium Financial Platform"), which was provided with financial support by Financial One Account, was officially launched and successfully issued the nation's first online unsecured blockchain financing loan. The launch of the platform marks the deep integration of digital government and fintech. Its outstanding technical advantage is the use of blockchain technology and the establishment of information sharing, privacy protection and mutual trust mechanisms. Financial institutions are able to implement corporate information inquiry in accordance with laws and regulations. Financial OneAccount makes full use of Guangdong's "digital government" data resources, and uses its own advanced financial technology in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., to build a small and medium-sized financial platform, and strive to solve the problem of information asymmetry, providing enterprises with Multi-dimensional business credit portrait, tailor-made to provide multiple financing solutions such as supply chain financing, trade financing, intellectual property financing, etc., to help financial institutions strengthen their risk management capabilities and improve the efficiency of financial services.

In addition, the financial blockchain technology has been implemented in many scenarios. For example, the world ’s first blockchain-based trade financing platform, “Trade Linkage”, which is led by regulators, is supported by Financial One Account and has been established and operated in Hong Kong. The Tianjin Port Blockchain Verification Pilot Project, which was technically supported by Financial One Account, also officially landed. Financial OneAccount has also established the IFAB trade financing network, linking banks with the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, opening up trade financing information channels, and breaking down information silos. With the characteristics of low latency, high TPS, friendly and easy to use, the financial one account communication blockchain has enabled multiple physical projects.It has 14 business scenarios including trade financing, asset securitization, supply chain finance, and reinsurance. Successfully landed in China.