Judicial business integrates blockchain technology! Guangzhou's first submission of electronic forensic opinions

Li Bin, full-text reporter of Guangzhou Daily

Source: Dayang.com

The Guangzhou Judicial Bureau, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, the Guangzhou People's Procuratorate, and the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau jointly held a briefing today. The "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" was established and applied, and the city's appraisal institutions will access the "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" from now on. A new model of electronic forensic opinions, external storage, evidence collection services, and management will be implemented.

"Guangzhou Public Law Chain" is the first of its kind in the country. It is the in-depth implementation of the national blockchain strategy deployment by the Guangzhou Judicial Bureau, actively exploring the application of the blockchain scene in judicial business, and giving full play to the new achievements of new technologies participating in social governance. The judicial appraisal opinions are connected to the first project of "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" for social services, and the annual number of on-chain inspections is about 100,000. On-chain legal documents such as notarization, people's mediation, and administrative review are also under construction and planning.

The entire process of “Guangzhou Public Law Chain” records the upload of the text of the judicial appraisal opinion, the identification of the appraiser, the signature of the appraiser, the review and issuance, the generation of the electronic appraisal opinion, and the client's extraction of the opinion and the comparison of the hash value of the source file to check forgery , To ensure the originality, authenticity, traceability, tamper resistance of electronic opinion opinions, and to maintain the impartiality and authority of judicial identification.

At the site of the briefing, three appraisers from the Forensic Appraisal Center of Southern Medical University demonstrated the process of issuing forensic appraisal opinions using the mobile phone “Guangzhou Wisdom Appraisal” WeChat mini-program.

In fact, this true forensic opinion is the first forensic opinion produced and extracted by the "public law chain". The unified case number of the forensic expert opinion is "204401000512500229". It is a judicial appraisal commission from Guangzhou Traffic Police Haizhu Brigade on drunk driving cases. This "forensic poison judicial appraisal" was signed by two appraisers, Three appraisals were reviewed. These processes can be performed through computers and mobile phones. Then the system automatically sends the verification code and other content to the client via SMS, which can be directly extracted online. The uniform case number and query verification code of the judicial appraisal case received by Police Officer Zeng from the Haizhu Brigade on the spot at the scene, and immediately extracted the electronic judicial appraisal opinion for the drunk driving case on the “Guangzhou Public Law Chain Demonstration Platform”. Less than a minute.

A reporter from the Guangzhou Daily all-media reporter observed that this judicial opinion not only has a unified case number, inquiry check code, anti-counterfeit watermark, but also a unique digital certificate issued by a CA agency. Because the judicial opinion is retained on the platform, it can be inspected at any time and has the "immutable" and "traceable" characteristics of blockchain technology. In practice, if the holder of the judicial appraisal opinion has doubts about its authenticity, he can log in to the “Guangzhou Public Law Chain Demonstration Platform” on the Guangzhou Forensic Appraisal Network or the Guangzhou Forensic Appraisal WeChat public account at any time to query and download. The inquiry made in accordance with the rules is a false appraisal opinion, and the case handling agency will not accept the letter. The organic combination of blockchain technology and electronic signature rules puts an unbreakable security lock on the forensic opinion.

"Guangzhou Public Law Chain implements technology applications such as blockchain encrypted distributed storage. The entire process records the uploading, signing and generating steps of the electronic appraisal to ensure the originality and traceability of the electronic appraisal opinion. The electronic appraisal opinion must be submitted by The appraiser is authorized and issued by face recognition technology and has a unique digital certificate issued by an anti-counterfeit watermark and CA agency. It can be searched, downloaded, and cannot be tampered with. The authenticity and security of the appraisal opinion are more guaranteed. Yao Zibin said.

The first is to standardize and supervise the practice activities of appraisers. The mobile phone instantly issued a face-to-face forensic appraisal opinion, which cracked the appraisers who did not actually participate in the appraisal. The pre-signature of the appraiser is not responsible for the implementation of the appraisal, the quality of the appraisal cannot be guaranteed, and the practice risk is obtained. No control issues.

The second is the inconvenience of checking the paper appraisal opinion, especially the serious judicial injustice and social harm caused by tampering. For example, the paternity appraisal opinion has been tampered with, child trafficking has been legalized, and criminal acts have been covered up.

Thirdly, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to receive or deliver appraisal opinions, especially when the case-handling agency handles the time-consuming “drink driving”, repeatedly travels during drug identification, and waits for a long time to occupy a large number of police forces in appraisal agencies. The number of "drink-driving" appraisals entrusted by the municipal public security organs ranges from 8,000 to 1,000, while drug appraisals range from 3,000 to 5,000. In the past, it was common practice for two police officers to send samples to the appraisal agency at the same time to entrust the appraisal, and then wait for the appraisal agency to sign the appraisal letter in situ, and some left the appraisal agency and returned to sign the appraisal opinion. The average waiting and return time was More than 5 hours. After implementing the electronic appraisal opinion, the police can leave the appraisal agency after sending samples for appraisal. After receiving the mobile phone short message containing the uniform case number and query verification code of the judicial appraisal, they can query and download the appraisal opinion, or use the mobile phone. The transfer of text messages to other law enforcement officers is equivalent to saving 5 hours for each law enforcement activity.

After the city ’s appraisal structure is connected to the “Guangzhou Public Law Chain”, appraisal agencies will no longer actively send paper judicial appraisal opinions in the future, which also addresses the new format requirements for internet courts to remotely extract or provide electronic evidence, and to process evidence Able to achieve seamless, reliable and institutionalized transfer in the Public Prosecution Law Department and other departments. On the other hand, after canceling the paper forensic opinions, it has also achieved the effect of saving resources and protecting the environment. However, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice stated that in the early adaptation stage, if the client needs a paper forensic opinion, he can submit it to the appraisal structure, and the appraisal structure should be responsible for service.