Hanwei Technology: Zhongdun Yunan, a joint stock company, has formed a systematic blockchain application product

On January 16, Hanwei Technology (300007.SZ) responded to users' questions and stated that the company's stock company Zhongdun Yunan has formed a systematic blockchain application product based on its own technology accumulation and practical experience, which is used for government, finance, Minsheng and many other industries provide leading blockchain products, technologies and solutions. China Shield Yunan Blockchain product system includes: Yunan Chain (the underlying main chain), blockchain-based trusted data verification, blockchain-based electronic contract deposit, and blockchain-based trusted supply chain finance , China Shield electronic evidence security system, blockchain-based copyright protection system, etc. At present, China Shield Yunan has obtained relevant blockchain qualifications and won multiple blockchain awards, such as the 2018 Top 100 Blockchain Enterprise Certificate, 2019 China's Excellent Blockchain Application Cases, and 50 Typical Cases of Digital Industry-Finance Collaboration Wait. (Easy interaction) [Original link]