Guangzhou completed the application of “Guangzhou Public Law Chain”, and the judicial appraisal opinion was the first access project

According to, on January 16, four units of the Guangzhou Municipal Judicial Bureau, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, Guangzhou People's Procuratorate, and Guangzhou Public Security Bureau held a joint notice. The "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" was completed and applied, and the city will start today The appraisal institution accesses the “Guangzhou Public Law Chain” to implement a new model of electronic judicial appraisal opinions for external storage, evidence collection and management. "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" is the first of its kind in the country. It is the in-depth implementation of the national blockchain strategy deployment by the Guangzhou Judicial Bureau, actively exploring the application of the blockchain scene in judicial business, and giving full play to the new achievements of new technologies participating in social governance. The judicial appraisal opinions are connected to the first project of "Guangzhou Public Law Chain" for social services, and the annual number of on-chain inspections is about 100,000. On-chain legal documents such as notarization, people's mediation, and administrative review are also under construction and planning. The entire process of “Guangzhou Public Law Chain” records the upload of the text of the judicial appraisal opinion, the identification of the appraiser, the signature of the appraiser, the review and issuance, the generation of the electronic appraisal opinion, and the client's extraction of the opinion and the comparison of the hash value of the source file to check forgery , To ensure the originality, authenticity, traceability, tamper resistance of electronic opinion opinions, and to maintain the impartiality and authority of judicial identification.