The Spring Festival is approaching, William will show you the market trend under the mysterious oriental power

The new year has just begun, but the international situation and the trend of currency prices have not been calm.

Since the killing of Iran's supreme general Suleimani on January 3, the renewed fighting in the United States and Iran has caused a sharp rise in oil and gold prices, and Bitcoin has also emerged from the downturn since November and has risen 21.7% in 4 days. .

And the Chinese New Year is coming soon, and some people say that you do n’t know anything about the mysterious eastern power.

At 19:00 on January 15th, Junyao invited a well-known KOL, Weibo V @ blockchainwilliam guest node live broadcast room, before the Spring Festival, would it be better to have a plate with us in 2020?

5: 3

In this live broadcast, William, who talked to you for the first time in the form of "formal appearance", still maintains his superb language style on Weibo, and gives a lot of opinions on the current situation and the hot spots that everyone cares about. In the process of live broadcast, the sentence is frequent-

There is no doubt that Bitcoin has a hedging nature. The reason is not because bitcoin is so powerful, but because bitcoin can easily be exchanged for dollars worldwide.

I am a long BTC, but for BSV and BTC I think it is necessary to buy two, the mentality is like buying insurance. Because in case? What if they really become Bitcoin? And this investment cost is not high.

Bull market = halving market price + good story. At present, there is not a good story. The currency circle needs a new story too. In addition, William also shared some of his recent status and arrangements, let's review the key topics in this issue together.

After all, we do n’t normally buy bread with gold.

As stated at the beginning of the article, the turmoil in the international situation once again brought people's attention to the hedging nature of Bitcoin. Regarding this, William said:

There is no doubt that Bitcoin has a hedging nature. The reason is not that bitcoin is so powerful, but that bitcoin can easily be exchanged for dollars around the world-after all, we would not normally use gold to buy bread.

Speaking of the fighting in the United States and Iraq, Bitcoin has emerged from the downturn since November and rose 21.7% in 4 days, William said:

In fact, the international situation is the same as any favorable and negative. It is the logic of the currency that reflects the currency price, but it is clear that in many cases, the linkage between Bitcoin and gold is very strong. This is what we see. .

As for whether the upcoming Spring Festival will have a certain impact on the price of coins, William believes:

As far as the Spring Festival is concerned, most people think that the price of currency will fall, but it is difficult to determine the time range. From the perspective of USDT, there are more shorts in China, and USDT is still an indicator of negative two points in China. Most people believe that the current fluctuations are dominated by overseas funds.

Bull market = half price + good story

Regarding the halving that will happen this year, William is still optimistic about the halving market, but he also emphasized that if we want to usher in a bull market, only halving the market is not enough. There must be a good story. Too bad a story:

The 13-year bull market story is better Bitcoin, and the 17-year story is better Ethereum.

Of course, the premise of the bull market is that bitcoin is rising. Without the rise of bitcoin, the independent market of any coin will eventually become a large-scale cutting scene.

With the rise of bitcoin, if you want to bring a carnival bull market for all, it will definitely need a new story. Because the story of Ethereum is obviously beyond talk.

From 2020 to 2021, I am very optimistic that a new story will be born. Everyone must not be trapped by inherent thinking and loss-making coins. Free your eyes, go to see new projects, enter new communities, and give up hopeless. Coins are the best.

As for the theme of the next new story? William believes that the Ethereum story is about to end, the public chain will withdraw from home, and the next development direction will be in the following three blocks:

1. The cloud storage field represented by the IPFS protocol, compared to other landing applications, this is the beginning of a better understanding story;

2. The possible 3.0 of the blockchain, cross-chain and the like, and the other is decentralized finance, borrowing and the like, can it really be implemented so that ordinary people can also use it;

3. For blockchain games, this is still to be discussed.

Imagine a bull market, and then back to the moment, for the current market and the next trend, William said:

The halving market is currently just a snack before dinner. After all, Bitcoin has not changed much. The real halving market should start after the year.

In the short term, a correction is still needed, but the adjustment depth will not be very large, about two or three days ago. Because a lot of Chinese people go to the air, they are waiting to adjust and get on the car.

The above is the key review of this live broadcast. As William said, this is the situation right now. The halving market is worth looking forward to, but you don't need to worry too much. You still have a good New Year. Here is an early life for everyone who follows us on the chain node live room. I wish you a happy year of the rat and all get rich!