Former Deputy Director of the Central Bank's Anti-Money Laundering Bureau as the Expert Group Leader of the Drafting Group on "Application of Anti-Money Laundering Standards in the Blockchain Industry"

On December 31, 2019, the China Software Industry Association Blockchain Branch co-sponsored a drafting group on "Anti-money Laundering Standards Applied in the Blockchain Industry", which involved the influential subject units or individual authoritative experts and scholars in the " Formulation of Anti-Money Laundering Standards for the Blockchain Industry. According to the members of the drafting team, the leader of the expert group has been finalized as a former deputy director of the anti-money laundering bureau of the central bank. The formulation of standards will have a certain degree of influence on the blockchain industry practitioners and related platforms, and indirectly provide relevant sector policy development. Industry feedback. The main purpose of drafting this standard is to clarify normal financial behaviors and abnormal financial behaviors in the relevant fields of the blockchain, to curb and supervise related blockchain application platforms to condone and shield illegal elements from using blockchain technology to avoid law enforcement personnel and other investigators. Review and conduct illegal money laundering to promote the healthy and self-regulatory development of the industry, and provide industry recommendations and regulatory references for relevant national regulatory authorities.