Li Qiwei: Ethereum Foundation lacks transparency

According to the AMBCrypto report, regarding the comparison between the Ethereum Foundation's sale of 70,000 ETH and the Litecoin sale, Litecoin founder Li Qiwei said in an interview that the Ethereum Foundation's sale of ETH Litecoin is different. One is that Ethereum publicly disclosed that the sell-off was two years after the sell-off occurred; instead, the ETH held by V God and the Ethereum Foundation was pre-mined. Later, Li Qiwei talked about the lack of transparency of the Ethereum Foundation, saying that the Ethereum Foundation was not transparent at all. They will not tell anyone about any process, how the funds are allocated, and information about the funds. As a centralized foundation, tokens are pre-collected, so it should be more transparent to sell tokens. At least Ripple is fairly transparent about how many XRPs it dumps each month or year.