Bitcoin financing rates have risen on multiple exchanges such as BitMEX

According to data from data provider Skew, Bitcoin's perpetual contract financing rate has been positive for the past fifteen days. According to BitMEX data, the financing rate is 0.0322%, and the perpetual swap contract is trading at a higher price than the spot price. Bitcoin futures and options exchange Deribit also pointed out that because the trading price of Bitcoin futures contracts is higher than the spot price, the financing rate rose to 0.013%. In addition, other exchanges, such as FTX, Kraken, OKEx and Binance, have also reflected increased funding. Recently, as the bulls took over the market and the shorts closed their positions, BitMEX's financing rate rose to more than 0.1%. Open interest also hit an all-time high on January 14 at $ 9.8 million, and open interest on January 16 was $ 8.8 million, indicating an increase in the number of BitMEX open futures contracts and options transactions.