On behalf of Hua Boya, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the DAB: Boosts the development and application of blockchain technology in Jiangsu Province

At the meeting of the members of the Third Session of the Twelfth Session of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of China made a suggestion on behalf of Hua Boya: Our province should lay out as soon as possible, implement precise policies, and promote the development and application of blockchain technology in Jiangsu. Suggestions: First, build an algorithm town and attach importance to blockchain basic research and talent cultivation. The second is to open the government affairs scene in an all-round way, using blockchain technology to transform the way of social governance. The third is to take the lead in demonstration in provincial state-owned enterprises, promote the application of blockchain technology in leading enterprises, and include the comprehensive performance assessment of the leaders of state-owned enterprises, while giving sufficient space for trial and error tolerance. The fourth is to encourage manufacturing enterprises in our province to explore the integration and development of "blockchain + industrial internet", conduct efficiency evaluation of the current compensation and compensation measures, define and clean up anonymous Internet and blockchain companies, and stop or reduce such enterprises. Direct subsidies will encourage the focus of the policy to shift to physical manufacturing enterprises, carry out inclusive subsidies for "blockchain + industrial internet" technological transformation subsidies, and create and expand blockchain application markets in manufacturing.