Core Motion Miner stops Grin G32 mining project and cancels pre-order

Mining machine manufacturer Core Dynamic Mining Machine announced the suspension of the Grin G32 mining machine project and canceled the pre-order of the mining machine, saying that because the Grin G32 mining machine's GPU custom chip needs to be compatible with the CC32 / CC31 protocol, it has high complexity and large size. The design support department cannot complete the yield assessment and cannot guarantee the success of such a large-scale GPU ASIC without being put into operation. As a result, the core mining machine cannot meet the requirements for shipment to customers in January and February. The core mining machine stopped the Grin G32 mining machine project and refunded for pre-order customers. The company also stated that it is willing to sell the complete design of the Grin G32 miner to interested third parties, or to support third parties to use other processes to ensure mass production.