Grayscale investment: Cryptocurrency portfolio attracts over $ 600 million in funds in 2019, 71% from institutional investors

On January 17, Grayscale Investments released its 2019 annual report. Last year, its investment products attracted USD 607.7 million. The company claims that this is more than the company's total sales from 2013 to 2018 combined, Grayscale said in a statement that about 71% of the funds last year came from institutional investors.

One of Grayscale's main investment products is its Bitcoin Trust Fund, which received more than $ 470 million in 2019-of which $ 193 million was raised in the fourth quarter, with an average investment of more than $ 9 million per week. In addition, according to company data, the number of customers investing in grayscale increased by nearly 25% last year, while approximately 36% of customers invested in products with multiple grayscale investments.