Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song: the next bitcoin bull market will be different

Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song said that the market has learned from the additional bullish momentum of 2013 and 2017 previously, after two years of halving. In the early hours of Friday, Jimmy Song tweeted that he believes that the retail market in the next bull market will be "different" from the previous bull market. He hinted that market participants in the next bull market should learn from previously failed trading strategies.

However, Spaceshift CEO Erik Voorhees believes that since investors entering Bitcoin are new investors, the market's performance will not be any different from the previous bull market. In response to Jimmy Song's tweet, Erik believes that market sentiment will not change in the next bull market because the market is easy to chase fast returns. "I think so after the 2013 Bitcoin bubble and the Mt.Gox disaster. But that's not the case. The newcomer's characteristic is that they are all new."