Cointext CTO: Calvin Ayre deploys computing power to dig BCH weeks in advance

Regarding the recent surge in BSV, Vintext, the chief technology officer of Cointext, tweeted that Calvin Ayre, one of BSV's biggest supporters, designed a complex cleaning transaction scheme involving bitcoin cash mining. He said: "The mechanism of BSV's soaring this time is very interesting. I have observed it for several days. No one is digging for BSV except Calvin Ayre. Deploying more computing power will not allow him to get more BSV. Deployed computing power on BCH a week ago (approximately 60% of the computing power of unknown miners). "He also explained that Ayre has a lot of SHA-256 miners to sell to Squire Mining Ltd., but the transaction last November Abortion, these miners are now "full of dust." Armani further added that after mining Bitcoin Cash, Ayre exchanged it for USDT and then used it for BSV cleaning transactions.