8 asked videos | Conflux Long Fan: Only by reducing the interaction cost with the public chain will there be more applications

Long Fan is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto and one of the founders of the Conflux project. Before founding Conflux, Long Fan has been doing research on distributed systems, software engineering, and system security.

  Long Fan said that he was exposed to blockchain when he was a Ph.D. candidate at MIT, and has a certain understanding and interest in blockchain technology. Bitcoin was bought and sold for $ 1 and $ 5.

On December 27, 2019, the "8 Questions" section of Babbitt conducted an exclusive interview with Long Fan. We talked about the general problems of the public chain and the Conflux vision. When talking about the reasons for the lack of blockchain applications, Long Fan also emphasized that "POW, POS" is not a consensus mechanism, and the speed of the blockchain cannot be solved in the original way ···· Of course, we also verified the rumor that "Conflux will be a DEX and alliance chain". See video for details

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