Higashino Keigo and Zhang Xinzhe all "boarded"! Concert ticket data on the chain

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Editor's note: The original title was "Higashino Keigo and Zhang Xinzhe have" embarked "! Blockchain + Life = "

"Blockchain +", landing and flowering.

Japanese writer Keigo Higashino's reasoning novels are so popular that he joined China's copyright intelligent trading platform to track and query the copyright transactions of his works with the help of blockchain technology.

This year's New Year's Day Zhang Xinzhe toured Wuxi Station. Tickets are paperless. Attempting to use blockchain technology to achieve full traceability of ticket circulation. The data is fully chained to curb scalping.

"On-chain ledger" is difficult to counterfeit, like coins other than bitcoins

What exactly is a blockchain? Don't imagine it too big. Blockchain is a data recording method. It is an encrypted distributed ledger with multiple parties involved. It is easier to understand with the familiar concept of "ledgers". The main characteristics are summarized as follows:

Records of data from multiple parties can only be read and appended, and cannot be deleted;

Using password technology can prevent data from being tampered with, and only those who have the key (password) can operate this account;

Multi-participation nodes do not belong to any particular institution, multiple machines scattered at all discrete points around the world, and maintain a specific account system.

Let's take a popular example to explain the nature of the blockchain: a group of "donkeys" who have never met meet to travel abroad, and each person gives a sum of money to one person to pay for air tickets and other expenses. It is inevitable that there will be fraud and omissions if only the person who gets the money keeps accounts. So 10 people are used as nodes, and they use unified rules to participate in bookkeeping.

What is the relationship between Bitcoin and blockchain? Hu Jie, a professor of practice at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was a senior economist at the Federal Reserve, and has a lot of research on blockchain. In an interview with Xinmin Evening News this week, he made an analogy: Blockchain technology is like reinforced concrete, and Bitcoin is a beautiful house built by Satoshi Nakamoto using blockchain technology. Consensus is required for bookkeeping, otherwise everyone will record it differently. Satoshi Nakamoto figured out a way to make separate accounts for the same results. There is a word "bitcoin" in the bitcoin name. From a technical point of view, it is more like points. Its ledger is very successful, but its points do not meet the criteria of a "good currency". The core function of currency is the medium of exchange, which requires the currency to be stable, not deflationary, and violently inflated, so that everyone can confidently hold and use it.

Bitcoin is not the same thing as the digital currency issued by the central bank. Professor Hu Jie said that the central bank's digital currency is a digital expression of existing fiat currencies, reducing the printing and circulation costs of banknotes and coins. It is similar to the substitution of deposits, except that the use of blockchain technology makes digital currencies have a certain anonymity.

The role of the ledger is very important in economic and financial activities. The evolution of bookkeeping methods has brought changes to the economy and life.

Online singers get paid directly, electronic invoices are connected to the "chain"

The combination of blockchain technology and the cultural industry comes naturally. It can not only help Zhang Xinzhe's anti-counterfeit tickets and oxen for concerts, but also protect the copyright of works for Keigo Higashino, and also promote the development of grassroots influencers in the cultural and entertainment industry. As a musician, Gao Xiaosong believes that everyone in the age of the Internet is an online singer. There is no need to sign a major record company. In the case of scattered scenes and scattered channels, blockchain technology can be used to confirm and distribute rights. By embedding blockchain technology in music, authors can directly get paid in the form of cryptocurrencies. This can help musicians protect copyright and protect their interests.

More blockchain technology has quietly landed in the economic field. The blockchain electronic invoice is here. For a long time, the issue of invoices has plagued the finance and taxation personnel of the enterprise. The input volume is large, the reimbursement is slow, and there may be various situations such as difficult to check true and false, false report and overreport. In May 2019, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, China Merchants Bank and Tencent completed the first online reimbursement of blockchain electronic invoices in the financial industry.

With the help of blockchain technology, electronic invoices are turned into digital assets on the chain

"On-chain reimbursement", the blockchain electronic invoices have a lot of highlights: no need to provide paper invoices, mobile phone scanning of QR codes, online ticketing, one-click submission of reimbursement; electronic invoices are converted to on-chain digital assets, and the invoicing company will issue invoices Transferred to consumers and submitted by consumers to reimbursement companies when reimbursing; reimbursement companies obtain digital invoice reimbursement information from the tax bureau's blockchain platform. Blockchain guarantees that invoice data cannot be tampered with, authentic and unique, and supports full traceability of the entire process; no financial need Inspecting invoices manually, the reimbursement process becomes simpler, more efficient, and safer.

The relevant public infrastructure networks are being co-operated. On October 15, 2019, the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay and others jointly announced that the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), which was jointly designed and constructed by six specific units, was officially released for beta. This is an exploration by all parties to build a blockchain bottom-level technology service platform that is unanimously recognized and commonly used by the industry. It will promote the technological transformation, achievement application and industrial layout of the innovation research results of the blockchain industry, and serve the new smart cities and the digital economy. Construction and development. Zhang Xueying, deputy director of the National Information Center, said that the establishment of a blockchain service network will effectively reduce the technical and economic thresholds for blockchain applications. As a public infrastructure network, it has security, controllability and supervision, complete independent innovation, openness, tolerance and sustainability. Features.

Social security "ledgers" can test the water, the concept hype needs to be kept away

"It is expected that at the end of this year, some real blockchain applications may be constantly coming out around us," Professor Hu Jie judged. "Extending the time to 3 to 5 years will make people shine. "Star applications." He said that globally, blockchain technology is in its early stages of use. It may take several years to solve some social problems with the original technology. Blockchain technology has become a "new idea for solving problems."

Blockchain technology is not only applied to the industry, it is not far away from the lives of ordinary people. He cited, for example, that the social security system is expected to benefit from it. At present, there are more than 100 systems of social security in different places, which are not connected to each other. After retiring, he lived in a different place and had to run back to deal with the problem of social security and medical insurance. If a unified system is to be built nationwide, the original system will need to be extensively engineered; sharing the data in a way that the systems are interconnected will have a heavy workload. Is there a more concise way? Consider using blockchain technology to build a "public ledger" between social security systems, keep notes online, and exchange data. The data is transmitted to this chain, and each one takes what is needed. As far as he knows, domestic attempts have been made in this regard. If it does come true, it will indeed benefit the people.

Timeshares can also be used for "blockchain +". If you have a holiday house near the sea in Sanya, you can rent it out in 365 shares according to the number of days a year, express it on a blockchain ledger, and exchange rights with those who need it, without the need for an intermediary. In addition, such things as fraudulent academic qualifications are completely helpless in the face of the blockchain. Due to the use of encrypted distributed accounting, one cannot change the entire evidence chain.

On December 24, 2019, Shenzhen issued the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 50 Index

Investors need to be reminded that there are quite a few companies that have followed the label of "blockchain" to identify authenticity. In October last year, the concept of the blockchain broke out, and the stock market became restless, with dozens of listed companies rising and falling. There is a joke that a company is still secretly enjoying the toilet block chain stocks on Friday. Over the past weekend, more than 1,000 companies joined the block chain concept stocks … This is reminiscent of the industrial cannabis concept booming, Gui Faxiang, who sells cannabis flowers in Tianjin, followed the stock price.

Stay away from hype and do more. The spring of "Blockchain +" seems to be on the way.

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