Listed company's blockchain business dynamics: 7 companies disclosed blockchain dynamics, and 5 new entrants

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Mutual Chain Pulse Statistics This week, the blockchain business dynamics of listed companies, a total of 7 companies such as Digital Government, Anzhizhidian, and Sanobes have disclosed related business. Among them, Digital Government established the Blockchain Research Institute; Fubon Co., Ltd. established the Big Data Research Institute, and its research directions include blockchain technology; Zhongti Technology and Jida Zhengyuan listed the blockchain technology as the main and key research direction. It can be seen that listed companies are actively deploying blockchain research in various business areas. In addition, mutual chain pulse observation, 5 of these 7 companies are new to the blockchain industry.

January 16

[Digital Government Communication plans to establish the Urban Governance Blockchain Application Research Institute]

According to the development plan of Digital Government Communication (300075), the company decided to establish the Digital Government Communication City Governance Blockchain Application Research Institute. The research directions and contents of the institute include: promoting the combination of blockchain technology and the construction of new smart cities, exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of Chinese e-government, and using blockchain technology to promote cities in data, information, capital, talent, Larger-scale interconnections in credit information and other aspects ensure the orderly and efficient flow of production factors in the region and improve the level of intelligence and precision in urban governance. Explore the use of the characteristics of trustworthiness, traceability and decentralization of blockchain data, build an intelligent mechanism for real-time interconnection, data sharing, linkage and collaboration, realize the common maintenance and utilization of government data across departments and regions, and promote collaborative business processing. Improve the ability of the e-government system to perform real-time monitoring, dynamic analysis, accurate early warning, and accurate disposition, and help government clients deepen the reform of the administrative management system, thereby bringing a better government service experience to the people.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Research-Government Affairs

[Jida Zhengyuan lists blockchain technology as a key technology research]

On January 16, Changchun Jitaizhengyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd. issued the "IPO Prospectus". The description shows that the company's technology reserve column includes blockchain technology, the research and development status is key technology research, and the research and development mode is independent research and development. The company researched the blockchain technology, looked for the innovative application model of PKI technology in the blockchain, tried to introduce the national secret algorithm into the blockchain algorithm, and realized the domestic solution of the blockchain cryptographic technology.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Research-Information Technology

January 17

[Anzhizhidian will use the power blockchain technology to achieve the integration of primary and secondary transmission equipment in 2020]

Anli Zhidian (300617) introduced the company's proposed work in the 2019 Annual Report. In 2020, the company will continue to improve its products and technology systems for underground intelligent power transmission systems, and will be committed to building a complete industrial chain of integrated power and energy management services. The company will rely on the ubiquitous power internet of things, power blockchain, new energy vehicles and 5G core technologies to leverage the opportunity of the state grid to carry out lean management of high-voltage cables to achieve the integration of primary and secondary equipment for underground power transmission.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Application-Energy-Electricity

January 15

[Sanobis plans to buy 51% equity of Heishu Technology, including an ad monitoring system based on blockchain technology]

Sinobest (836311) released the "Assessment Report on the Value of All Equity of the Shareholders of Beijing Heishu Technology Co., Ltd. Involved in the Proposed Equity Acquisition of Sanobes (Beijing) Marketing Technology Co., Ltd." 51% equity. The report shows that the entire equity value assets of shareholders include Black Tree's Blockchain-based advertising monitoring system V1.2.

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Industrial Services-Investment

January 14

[Current research projects of China Sports Science and Technology include pre-research projects of blockchain technology]

China Sports Industry (600158) disclosed in the "China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. Issuance of Shares and Payment of Cash to Purchase Assets and Raise Supporting Funds and Related Transaction Reports". At present, the main research and development projects of China Sports Lottery Technology include blockchain technology. Research project. Sports lottery voucher blockchain technology pre-research China sports lottery technology uses blockchain technology in conjunction with the Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to carry out sports lottery voucher blockchain application pre-research. The technical solution to the problem of sports lottery vouchers mainly relies on the characteristics of the blockchain technology itself, that is, the distributed ledger feature. The ledger is stored in the nodes of many different institutions, and the circulation record of the entire life cycle from the generation of vouchers to the issuance of vouchers. It will be recorded on all nodes of the blockchain, and through the blockchain's consensus mechanism, it effectively ensures the openness and transparency of the voucher circulation process. By using blockchain technology, credit problems such as fraud may be avoided during the use of vouchers, and the issue of voucher credits is resolved.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Research-Entertainment-Gaming

[Puluo Pharmaceutical's wholly-owned subsidiary purchases 50 million yuan of Zheshang Bank blockchain receivables]

Zhejiang Puluo Debang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Debang Pharmaceutical”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Puluo Pharmaceutical (000739), recently used its own funds to pass RMB 50 million through Zhejiang Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zheshang Bank") and bond transfer platforms purchased blockchain receivable products, which were confirmed by Zheshang Bank with an expected annualized rate of return of 4.35%. Zheshang Bank's blockchain receivable products are based on the company's real and legal transaction background. Using blockchain technology to payees, payers, amounts, payment dates, Information such as interest is recorded and confirmed, and electronic payment settlement and financing instruments supporting the circulation of creditor's rights are supported.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Application-Finance-Remittance Transfer

[Fubon shares soil big data research institute to be integrated with blockchain technology to enable research]

Fubon (300387) and the Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance intend to invest 10 million yuan in foreign investment to establish Beijing Fubang Soil Big Data Research Institute Co., Ltd. as a company's research and industrialization carrier in forward-looking fields such as soil big data.

The column of the purpose of this overseas investment shows that Beijing Fubang Soil Big Data Research Institute will combine 5G, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to carry out in-depth research and development of soil sensors and soil big data systems, and is committed to using 5G technology platforms to improve soil sensors. Data transmission efficiency, timely and accurate collection of soil nutrients, soil moisture and other data; use blockchain technology to solve the problem of the trust of collectors, analysts, and users of soil data, and promote reasonable collection methods, scientific analysis processes, and use of results Objectively, data is used for a fee to build a soil big data data research and digital governance system.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Research-Information Technology-Big Data

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