Lawyer: CSW has not yet received $ 8 billion in Bitcoin private keys

CSW's attorneys confirmed that CSW does not currently own the private key of $ 8 billion in bitcoin from Satoshi's early mining. CSW had previously filed a statement with the Southern District Court of Florida saying that he had received information that could unlock encrypted files containing thousands of public Bitcoin addresses. He had previously sworn an encrypted file containing both a list of public addresses and a private key, which led many to misunderstand that when a "bonded courier" sent a file earlier this week, CSW finally received Here comes the private key. But Andres Rivero, a lawyer at CSW and a partner at Rivero Mestre, confirmed this was not the case. Rivero said that the documents CSW currently receives do not contain the private key. But CSW still expects to receive the private key later. Rivero said the private keys may be complete or divided into several parts, but he declined to disclose further details of who owns the private keys and when they will be delivered.