General Manager of Tencent Blockchain Technology: The focus of blockchain technology is to replace existing scenarios

Li Maocai, general manager of Tencent's blockchain technology, said in an interview that "blockchain is opening a new era that is more pure and positive. At present, the development of blockchain technology is still in its initial stage and requires long-term stable development. At this stage, the focus of blockchain technology is to replace existing scenarios. "At present, blockchain is mainly addressing the disadvantages of centralized systems, adding trust to data, and establishing channels for trusted data transfer. To this end, we must first strengthen technical capabilities and promote the running-in between technology and business and supervision; second, we must consolidate the technical foundation and provide the premise for more digital management and governance development. At the same time, it is necessary to dig deeper into the entry point of the combination of blockchain and the real industry, so as to better empower the real economy. On the basis of data credibility, reshape trust relationships and cooperative relationships, and realize digitalization and intelligence.