Media: social network Voice or not launching on EOS

When announced its social network Voice in June last year, it promised that the blockchain would run on the EOS mainnet, and the current plan has changed. According to the information provided on the FAQ page, Voice will run on a private deployment of EOSIO software without making a commitment to run on EOS: "Although Voice is still in the testing phase and is in a highly iterative state, it will run on a On the special EOSIO blockchain. Over time, we hope that Voice can use the EOS public blockchain, as well as other blockchains that may meet the performance and governance needs of Voice. "This has already emerged from the clear statement at the Voice conference in June last year. Deviation: " will launch the Voice platform on the EOS public blockchain." Moreover, in order to further demonstrate the promise that Voice will run on EOS, retained 3.3 million eos RAM on the mainnet in late May . But has never confirmed this, and most followers see it as a collateral for the computing power behind Voice. Note: On EOS, users lock the RAM on the blockchain to retain some of the computing power of the blockchain. CoinDesk asked what had changed between June and December last year, but a spokesman declined to elaborate.