BB: The initial Beta version of Voice is on the testnet, and it is transferred to the mainnet after iteration to ensure product maturity

According to EOSGO news, there have been recent rumors that EOS VOICE will not launch on EOS. At the same time, in the past 24 hours, CoinDesk, one of the blockchain media, published an article written by Brady Dale in an attempt to denigrate EOS. The title of the article is "B1 will not launch its own social network on EOS." The author wanted to misrepresent that B1 would not even trust his product. Twitter even described it excessively: B1 was unwilling to eat their own dog food. Since the article was published, controversy has continued in Western and Eastern communities. However, the real opinion is: Voice mentioned in detail in the FAQ answer that the preliminary Beta version is on the test network, and then it will be transferred to the EOS main network. Since the software will still run on Beta, the process is actually quite understandable. CEO BB tweeted: February 14th is a technology beta and the technology will be tested and iterated. In order to ensure the maturity of the product after it is actually released to the public chain, thereby improving the resistance to the review system. We told CoinDesk that they knew their article was misleading, but CoinDesk declined to modify it.