Report: Three use cases could drive BTC market cap to $ 1 trillion

A well-known investment research company ARK Invest mentioned in a recent report that three more feasible use cases may push BTC's market value to $ 1 trillion, which is 525% higher than the current $ 160 billion. These three use cases are: 1. Bitcoin as a new form of currency, with a total currency of M2 (currency measurement) of 40 trillion U.S. dollars, BTC occupying a 5% market share, and its market value may exceed 1 trillion U.S. dollars 2. Bitcoin is stored as digital value. If possible, Bitcoin can become digital gold. If it gets 15% of the $ 9 trillion market value of gold, the total value of BTC will reach $ 800 billion; 3. Bitcoin is an unsecured offshore asset. Research indicates that Bitcoin will soon be considered an asset that allows rich people to ensure that their wealth is not securable. It is said that the total net worth of HNWIs is reportedly more than 40 trillion U.S. dollars, and BTC guarantees that a small portion of its wealth can bring its market value to several trillion U.S. dollars.