Babbitt's lunchtime highlights

1. US SEC: Telegram sells tokens due to cash shortage, which is an alternative to equity financing.

2. "Crypto Mom" ​​Hester Peirce: I hope to launch a safe harbor framework to support the launch of the token project.

3. Analyst: Bitcoin's next all-time high will reach $ 75,000 or $ 85,000.

4.2020 Hainan Sanya Marathon will use blockchain digital certification medals.

5. Procurator-general of Shanghai People's Procuratorate: Strengthen the investigation and punishment of crimes related to "blockchain".

6.BB: The initial Beta version of Voice is on the testnet, and it is transferred to the mainnet after iteration to ensure product maturity.

7. Wu Xiaohua, Mayor of Hengshui City: This city uses blockchain to build 29 smart city projects including smart healthcare.

8.SIX Swiss Exchange: Traditional market traders are increasingly interested in digital currencies such as BTC.

9. Li Maocai, general manager of Tencent blockchain technology: The focus of blockchain technology is to replace existing scenarios.