President of the American Digital Business Association: The legalization of cryptocurrencies should not be limited by the risk of "anti-money laundering"

According to AMBCrypto, 2020 is already an "extraordinary year" in the era of encryption, according to Perianne Boring, chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. She said that over time, the growth of encryption has accelerated, so the government "is better at helping develop this process than around you." Perianne Boring said she was shocked by the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing arguments made by the Treasury Secretary, and said: "If this is what you really care about, you should be excited about Bitcoin because it is a completely transparent system, if Your job is to track currency, and we've actually given you the best tools ever, which is unprecedented. "So this resistance is really weird. She said that because "anti-money laundering" and terrorist financing were major and real concerns, tracking funds could be a "big step forward" for law enforcement agencies, as anyone could view the books publicly. Boring added: The risk of anti-money laundering) as a cryptocurrency is not a valid reason not to accept this technology. There are tools to solve this problem that law enforcement agencies need to learn. "