Mayor of Xuhui District, Shanghai: Xuhui West Coast Financial City will work to build a global digital currency center

Representative of Shanghai People's Congress, Deputy Secretary of Xuhui District Party Committee and District Chief Fang Shizhong said at the joint review meeting of the Third Session of the 15th People's Congress of Shanghai that Xuhui is currently transferring an important parcel of land on the West Bank, starting from Ruijin West Road to Dongan Road along the river. Ruijin Road will be built into the West Bank Financial City with a total construction area of ​​about 1.7 million square meters. He also said that major central banks are currently researching and building digital currencies. Shanghai should seize the opportunity and look forward to the layout. The West Bank Financial City will use science and technology to enrich resources, cultural and artistic endowments, and the advantages of waterfront location, and displace it from Lujiazui Financial City. Development, complementary functions, led by fintech, featuring international finance, sci-tech finance, and innovative finance, vigorously develop digital currency, build a financial city of version 3.0, where financial, technology, and cultural integration coexist, and strive to build a global digital currency center and strive to Become a new growth pole for Shanghai's international financial center.