"Q & A University Q & A" How to choose high-quality mines?

Compared to speculation, the mining threshold is higher and more complicated. Many people see that other people have made money by mining, and they are anxious to buy mining machines for mining. This situation is very easy to lose money.

To participate in mining, at least you need to know : the static return cycle of mining, the way ordinary people participate in mining , the scientific method of selecting mining machines, and the "how to select high-quality mines" we will talk about today.

For miners, it is very important to find a reliable and stable mine hosted mining machine, and then choose the factors such as the electricity price of the mine, whether the high water period and the low water period need to be migrated. The economic life cycle of a mining machine is generally about 3 years, so it is a long-term cooperation with the hosting mine, and you must choose carefully.

How a miner chooses a mine is basically judged from several dimensions, such as safe and reliable , stable operation , electricity price, and whether to migrate . Let ’s talk about them one by one.

01 What does it mean for a mine to host?

Before talking about how to choose a mine, let's talk about what it means to host a mine. The mining machine is hosted at the mine, which means that the mining machine is handed over to the management of the mining site. The moment your mining machine arrives at the mine from the express delivery, the mining machine receives, puts on the shelf, powers on, starts up, network configuration, operations, All the processes such as maintenance and removal are handed over to the mine side. As the owner of the mining machine, you can't even see the mining machine at first (most of the mining machines are directly purchased from agents to buy online orders). You can only see the real-time computing power of the mining machine at the client of the mining pool.

Whether the failure of the mining machine can be dealt with in a timely manner, whether the mining party will misappropriate computing power under the name of power outages, whether the old mining machine will be used to contract the new mining machine, etc., all depend on the reputation and occupation of the mining party Conduct and management skills .

Once you find that there is a problem with the mine you choose, and you want to change to another mine for hosting, not to mention the various costs and time costs of mining machine migration, the mine may also find various excuses to detain and delay the return of your mining machine. .

It can be seen how important it is to find a reliable, safe, and professionally-minded mine.

How to find a safe and reliable mine?

As mentioned earlier, reliable and safe mines are crucial for miners. So how do I find a reliable mine?

It is best to find mine owners you know and are familiar with, or recommended and recommended by trusted friends. Without these resources, it is very difficult to operate. Xiaobian's recommended operation method is: find influential mines in the industry, long operating time, no black history, and good reputation of users.

The influence of the mine side can focus on the popularity of the mine owner and the reputation of the industry. If there is a head pool endorsement behind the mine, it is relatively more trustworthy, and the head pool itself has a brand effect.

Mine operation time is also a reference indicator. The operating time is a reflection of the vitality, risk control and professionalism of the mine. A longer operating time means more practical experience and more vitality through the bull-bear cycle.

It is also important to have black history. If a black history such as encroaching on the user's mining machine or stealing user's computing power has occurred before, such a mine will not be considered directly. Find a mine with no black history and a good reputation of the user.

To get the above information, you need to understand the mining circle. Participate in some offline gatherings and online sharing in the circle, as well as follow social media such as WeChat and Weibo in the industry, which will help you quickly understand the mining circle and build yourself. Resource channels.

Mine infrastructure, operation and maintenance experience and management level

Finding safe, reliable, and ethical mines has largely guaranteed the safety of the miners, but this is not enough for miners. To a certain extent, miners are to miners, just like managers are to investors and bosses. Managers not only need to be honest and reliable, not to cheat and trick, but also to have strong business abilities.

The miner's business capability is reflected in the miner's revenue, which specifically refers to the online rate and computing power percentage of the mining machine. The online rate refers to the ratio of the number of mining machines in normal operation to the number of all mining machines, and the percentage of computing power is the ratio of actual computing power to theoretical computing power. Good mines can maintain online rates and computing power percentages at a high level.

In fact, it is difficult for users to obtain key data such as mine online rate and percentage of computing power, and such data depends on long-term stability to be meaningful. Although users cannot directly see these data, they can make indirect judgments based on the mine's infrastructure, operation and maintenance experience, and management level. These factors directly affect the startup rate and computing power percentage.

For example, a suitable environment is the basis for the stable operation of a mining machine, and one of the environmental factors that has the greatest impact on the mining machine is temperature. The mine's ability to regulate temperature depends on its related infrastructure, such as whether there is a water curtain, whether it is cold and hot isolation, whether it is a negative pressure fan, whether it has a dust cover, and whether it has plant temperature monitoring.

Operation and maintenance experience and management level are not only reflected in the timely treatment of failures and abnormalities, but also in the prevention of failures and abnormalities. For example, experienced mines will do network isolation, and even if there is a poisoning of the mining machine, the adverse effects can be controlled to a small extent.

04 mine price and deposit

Compared to whether the mine is reliable and the infrastructure and management level of the mine can only be qualitatively analyzed, the electricity price of the mine is transparent. Electricity price is also the most concerned issue for many miners. It is directly related to the cost of mining and the return cycle and safety margin of the mining machine. Of course, the lower the electricity price, the better.

The reality is that it's not enough to just look at electricity prices. If it is hydropower, there are high water periods and low water periods. The electricity prices in these two periods are different, so the average annual electricity price must be considered, which may also cause the question of whether the mining machine needs to be migrated. If it involves the migration of mining machines, there will be migration fees and lost mining time. In addition, in order to prevent miners from paying electricity bills on time, mines generally require miners to pay a portion of the electricity deposit. Miners should strive to pay less deposits and reduce capital occupation.

The stability of mine power supply is also a key concern for miners. Factors such as the policy of the mine site, whether the mine has obtained a power license, and whether the mine site is tight in power consumption will all affect the stability of the mine power supply. The mine only promises relatively cheap electricity prices, but other factors cannot guarantee the stability of the power supply, which may be worth the loss.

In the power sector, miners must not only see the price factor, but also consider factors such as the deposit, the average annual electricity price, whether the mining machine is to be migrated, and the power stability.

05 Summary

For the little white miners who have just come into contact with mining, they know very little about the industry and lack of resource channels. Such groups are not suitable for buying mining machines themselves and looking for ore hosting. The pits inside are much deeper and deeper than imagined.

As we said in the article "How ordinary people participate in mining ", from the perspective of participation threshold and cost-effectiveness, the joint mining mode is the most suitable way for small white miners to participate. Joint mining provides a complete set of professional solutions for participating users in all mining related matters such as purchasing machines, deploying, and adjusting the mining machine's computing power (frequency reduction, conventional, overclocking mode) according to market conditions. This is because under the joint mining model, the joint mining service provider and user are a community of interests , and the user can recover the profits before the service party can share the profit with the user. Le Bite Mining Pool (BTC.TOP) provides such a joint mining service.

When users have enough understanding of the mining industry, have resource channels, know how to purchase mining machines, how to choose and find reliable mines, have the ability to identify and avoid the pits of various links, under this premise, hosting Mining may be a better choice. When conditions permit, especially in the case of a large number of hosted mining machines, it is best to go to the mine for a site inspection in order to avoid some obvious risks.