Li Peixing, Vice Governor of Gansu Province: Cultivate a group of leading platform companies and build the main body that supports the development of the digital economy

A few days ago, the Gansu Provincial Industry and Informationization Working Conference and the Gansu Provincial Industry's "Greening, Informatization, and Intelligentization" Transformation Traditional Industry Working Conference were held. In his speech, Li Peixing, deputy governor of Gansu Province, proposed that enterprises in cities, prefectures and cities should grasp the relationship between the "three transformations" transformation and the digital economy in the promotion of the "three transformations." Li Peixing said that at present, we have done a lot of work in promoting the development of the digital economy. We have started the construction of "Digital Gansu · Ruyi Chain", built a blockchain trust infrastructure platform, and issued development opinions to support the construction of 5G communication networks. . In the process of implementing the "three modernizations", enterprises in all cities and states must actively adapt to the development of the digital economy and adhere to the industrial Internet, digital workshops, unmanned factories, and intelligent manufacturing as carriers to vigorously promote the integrated development of manufacturing and the Internet; Relying on the Internet carrier, constructing common foundation platforms such as the Internet of Things and the Industrial Cloud, fostering a group of platform-leading enterprises, and building the main body that supports the development of the digital economy; we must vigorously develop the Industrial Internet, build vertical industrial cloud platforms, and guide manufacturing companies to rely on the Cloud The platform carries out the "three transformations" transformation, and drives upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to form a complete and efficient supply chain.