ETC Cooperative executive director demands hard cap on gas limit for ETC mainnet

ETC Cooperative executive director Bob Summerwill recently submitted a proposal asking for a hard cap on the gas limit of the ETC mainnet as a consensus rule in the agreement. Summerwill asserts that security and decentralization are the two most important factors in ETC, and these two factors have been severely damaged in ETC due to "malincentives" (malicious factors), and these "malincentives" are limited votes by miners gas The form of the mechanism is "inherited" from ETH. Bob Summerwill further explained: "Miners 'gas quota voting is unilateral and there are no checks and balances. For end users who care about the long-term health of the network, they have no say. There is only one' control knob ', and a miner can control that' control knob '. They will be motivated to vote on the cap to infinity because if they do so, fees will increase.' Bob Summerwill said: 'Changing the protocol to set a hard cap will address the unsustainability of ETC and bring the agreement to ETC. The idea is consistent, rejecting this bad legacy of ETH and returning to Bitcoin's sustainable way. "Although the implementation of the proposal has not yet been completed, Summerwill revealed that ETC Cooperative will fund the implementation of the proposal.