Tencent Li Maocai: The actual application of blockchain needs to be combined with the scene

According to the China Business News, recently, Li Maocai, general manager of Tencent blockchain technology, said in an interview that at present, the development of blockchain is still in its early stages. Its main purpose is to solve the shortcomings of centralized systems. The channel through which trusted data flows. To this end, we must first strengthen technical capabilities and promote the running-in between technology and business and supervision; second, we must consolidate the technical foundation and provide the premise for more digital management and governance development. At the same time, it is necessary to dig deeper into the entry point of the combination of blockchain and the real industry, so as to better empower the real economy. On the basis of data credibility, reshape trust relationships and cooperative relationships, and realize digitalization and intelligence. Tencent has always focused on building its own basic capabilities, and is more restrained in the choice of scenarios. Only if the use of blockchain technology in demand scenarios can further reduce costs and improve efficiency, it can determine a landing plan after evaluating a definitive answer. In the future, Tencent's blockchain will continue to accelerate blockchain technology innovation, adhere to the technology advancement, do deeper and more thorough scenarios, and consolidate the construction of the underlying development platform of the blockchain and the application of the industry.