Representative of Qinghai Provincial People's Congress: To promote the development of cultural industry in Tongren County using blockchain technology

According to Qinghai Daily, at the two sessions of Qinghai Province this year, "promoting the innovation and development of the cultural tourism industry" and "proactively promoting the deep integration of cultural tourism" attracted the attention of representatives and members. Luo Fugui, the representative of the Provincial People's Congress and the county chief of Tongren County, said that how to better carry forward and inherit Regon art and culture is one of the topics he paid most attention to at the two sessions. "In the next step, we will use blockchain technology to promote Tongren County. The development of the cultural industry, using blockchain technology to achieve a one-stop cultural industry intellectual property protection system for the content of the cultural industry from confirming and monitoring rights to obtaining evidence, depositing evidence, and online dispute resolution. "