"2019 China's Top Ten E-Commerce Litigation" Released, Including a Bitcoin Litigation Case

According to the Legal Daily News, recently, the E-Commerce Law Research Center and the E-Commerce Legal Network of the China Information Industry Development Research Institute under the National Development and Reform Commission jointly released the "Top Ten Influential Lawsuits in China's E-Commerce 2019", including a Bitcoin lawsuit. . The list is as follows:

1. "Brush flow" uneven distribution of stolen goods Both defendants were sentenced to the first case of gray production to fill the regulatory gap

2. Taobao merchants' malicious complaints and brand online stores were found to be unfair competition

3. Sale of counterfeit weight-loss medicines sentenced to punitive damages

4.Batch registration of WeChat public account for false commercial promotion was sued by Tencent for unfair competition

5. Baijiahao has not been authorized to reproduce the "artificial intelligence" generated content. The court determined that it did not constitute a work.

6. From Pinduoduo to refurbished mobile phone network rights defending victory in 192 days, court supports ten times compensation

7.Court loss caused by online purchase of Bitcoin

8.Merchants sued the public for commenting because users refused to delete comments

9. Taobao big data products have been misappropriated, courts have identified new property rights in data products

10. "Malicious return" was frozen by Vipshop Account court found consumer abuse of rights