When Tesla becomes a Bitcoin node, is it reliable?

Some users recently decided to try to run a full Bitcoin node using their Tesla electric car, and it was also successful.


When Tesla becomes a Bitcoin full node

People usually don't associate electric cars with digital currencies, but they do have some things in common. Both technologies are considered emerging technologies that can make the world a better place and are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

However, a recent video posted by some members of the Bitcoin community shows that a deeper connection may be established between them.


Video shows that Tesla cars can also be used to run Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have turned this electric car into a full Bitcoin node using an on-board computer system.

Although it may sound impossible, it was actually successful. In the process, the Bcoin project was used, which can be used to run a node on any machine. As a result, there is a car on the Bitcoin network that helps operate the world's largest digital currency.

Is Tesla a reliable node?

Of course, this may be a good marketing campaign for the Bcoin project, but running a Bitcoin node through Tesla Cars may not be very reliable. Everyone knows that running a full Bitcoin node requires a lot of resources, including processing power.


Not to mention, the computer used to run the node needs to download and process data from the Bitcoin blockchain, which may interfere with the user experience of the car's built-in computer.

In addition, due to the limited read and write cycles, the Tesla car's memory module has gone wrong, and using the car to run blockchain nodes may cause greater interference. However, according to the developers of Bcoin, they are familiar with these issues. In fact, their website even has this warning: "This consumes a lot of bandwidth, CPU, and potential disk space."

In other words, they may not run this Tesla node for a long time, just want to record this video and prove to the world that this is possible.

Although this is the first time a car has run a Bitcoin node, this is not the first time the crypto community has attempted to run a full node using a non-computer device. In fact, an experiment showed that the Raspberry Pi single-board computer did a good job of synchronizing the blockchain.

It's worth noting that Tesla's CEO Elon Musk likes to tweet on Twitter. So far, he has not shared his thoughts on this experiment.

He has also never acknowledged himself as a crypto investor, although in the past few months he has started to frequently publish content on cryptocurrencies on his Twitter. Once he said that Bitcoin was "very good" and once he said that "Ethereum is worth using." He even revealed that Dogecoin may be his favorite currency.